Welcome to the Delta Patchwork Design Board.  This handy feature allows you the opportunity to select and arrange fabrics, and experiment with how they look together before you purchase them.  Sometimes it is just a fun way to get your creativity flowing and to find inspiration for you next project.

To use the Design Board, please visit the Store, select a fabric category from the drop down menu or choose one of the colorful fabric button bars, such as Cotton Prints.   From there, you will see a page filled with thumbnail images of fabrics.  Under each thumbnail is an add to design board button.  Click the button, and the fabric thumbnail is added here to the design board.  After that, just take your mouse, click on the fabric, and drag it around to arrange your fabrics to your satisfaction.  You can click more than once on a fabric, too!  If you like a fabric, you can add it to your shopping cart directly from here.  Enjoy and have fun!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019