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Thursday, May 15th, 2014



















This product has replaced the Tater Batting. 

22″ wide.

6oz per SQ YD of 100% pre-cleaned, needle punched cotton means a thicker, plusher Warm & Natural !

The Warm Company is pleased to introduce quilters to a new friend – Warm & Plush! Warm & Plush is the warmest natural batting ever manufactured – no scrim, just 50% more soft, warm cotton! In keeping with the traits we love in our oldest and most trusted friend, Warm & Natural, Warm & Plush gives quilts perfect drape while being consistent and reliable in all types of quilting, crafting and sewing situations.

The added weight is comfortable and ideal for those loved ones who can never seem to get warm. The natural, ultra clean 100% cotton remains soft and pliable, whether quilting is close or up to 6″ apart. You’ll appreciate how the top and backing fabrics cling to Warm & Plush while the tension is perfect for floating in quilt frames.

Whether you decide to simply stitch in the ditch, tie or free motion quilt, Warm & Plush delivers a blissful quilting experience and provides a durable foundation, necessary for long lasting relationships. Warm & Natural is the quilter’s BFF and Warm & Plush is your newest old friend!

Click here to get your Warm & Plush and we’ll include the Warm Tater instruction sheet with your order.

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Digital Printing Has Arrived!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Flying Sweetly fabrics

(designed by Kim Gann for P&B Textiles)

Recent Press Release from P & B Textiles:

At P & B we are embracing the most cutting-edge printing technology and creating a new brand called NEXT GENERATION.

Until recently, this level of detail and the multitude of colors were not possible in traditional screen printing.  With the introduction of digital printing, the possibilities are limitless, with no fading, shrinking or variation between printings.

Read on to learn more!

Digital printing has no boundaries.


It is printed from a computer onto a wide format print bed.

Traditional printing required the use of screens that were cut for each color; generally the maximum was 18 colors per print.

In addition, the screens had a maximum width for the repeat – generally 24.”

Digital printing has no screens, and allows for more detail and endless colors.

Digital printing means there are no size restrictions – one bolt of fabric could potentially have an endless pattern with no repeat!

Other advantages to the process include:   No color and quality change from print lot to print lot and no running or bleeding

Will the fabric feel different?

The hand of a fabric depends on the base (greige) goods, and the finish that is added after printing.

All digitally printed fabrics are printed with the same dyes we print with traditionally, and finished through heat, steam or both.

The type of printing will not affect how the fabric feels.

Is digital printing going to be used all the time in the future?

Probably not.

It is a more costly process, so it isn’t warranted for simple designs and patterns.

The main advantages will impact complicated and detailed patterns, large repeats, and prints with dozens of colors.

Traditional printing will most likely be around for a long time, but digital printing opens up a whole new creative world of possibilities.

Delta Patchwork currently offers fabrics from two of P&B’s Next Generation Lines:

Flying Sweetly



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